Salvation – Prologue


Eleven Thousand Years Ago. Somewhere on Earth.

The Archangel Nathanael landed on a rocky outcrop that gave him an uninterrupted view of the brawl in progress on the sandy beach below. Folding his wings, he recognized the three tormentors. They were minor gods who often hung out on Earth, and their current victim didn’t stand a chance against them.

He wasn’t in the mood for a fight, but three immortals against one frail human was barbaric, whatever way he looked at it. Like a lion playing with a mouse.

Sweat beaded along the human’s forehead and a knife hilt protruded from his neck. Even from this distance, there was no mistake. The swirling runes on the knife handle were too distinctive. It belonged to one of the jeering gods, Maahes.

Intrigued, he scanned the creature. His aura throbbed with leashed power, the ancient, unadulterated power that only archangels possessed. So he wasn’t human. And he certainly wasn’t an archangel.


Nate had never come across one before, although there were plenty of legends of their duplicity and how they’d corrupted and tortured humankind in the past. But since there were no witnesses of such events still alive, as far as he was concerned it was all speculation. Their goddess had banished her first children from Earth long ago, before the creation of the archangels.

That dark history, that their goddess forbade them to discuss, had always fascinated him. Why couldn’t they speak of it? Most of his fellow archangels accepted Her word and had no interest in digging into a prohibited past that didn’t affect them.

They were bitter enemies. As prescribed by their goddess’ decree. But it was academic. Despite how their goddess maintained that if they ever met, they’d annihilate each other, no battle had been fought between their races. She was determined to keep them separated, and it seemed he was the only one who questioned Her word in this matter.

He grinned. Potential answers to all the questions he’d had over the years had just neatly dropped into his path.

It was an enthralling proposition.

A second later he materialized into the fray and narrowly dodged a curse-drenched, eight-pointed star that the goddess Inanna had hurled. She gave a theatrical groan.

“Fly away, Nate. You’re in the way.”

He offered her an insincere grin. “Not a chance.”

Maahes spun another of his knives on the tip of his finger. “Pick a side, butterfly.”

As insults went, it was one of the milder ones. “Already have.”

The demon lunged for the third god, Veles, gripping his sword in both hands. “Filthy godspawn cowards.”

Nate shot him a glance, as Veles parried the thrusts with his own sword. Inanna laughed, as if the whole thing was a great joke, and Maahes drew back his arm, knife in hand, focused on Nate.

Nate teleported, wrapped his arm around Maahes’ throat and there was a satisfying crack before the god teleported to Inanna’s side. Unfortunately it took more than that to kill an immortal, but still.

“You’re so going to regret this, Nathanael.” It sounded more like a prophecy than a threat, as Inanna held out her hand, and her star spun back to its mistress.

“Big time,” growled Maahes, his fingers clutching his throat, as the crushed bones mended, before he and Inanna vanished.

Veles leaped back, landing knee deep in the ocean. He grinned at Nate, as though he found the interruption of his and his fellow immortals’ fun and games amusing.

“Good hunting, archangel.” There was the faintest trace of a sneer in that last word, before he, too, vanished.

Nate rounded on the stranger, who was leaning heavily on his sword and sucking harsh breaths into his lungs.

“What the hell are you doing on Earth?”

The demon gingerly touched the hilt that was still sticking out of his neck. “I pissed off the Demonic High Council. Thought I’d lay low on the last planet they’d ever think of looking for me.”

“And then you pissed off Maahes.”

“Bastard caught me unaware.” His voice rasped and he staggered, as though the sword was no longer enough to keep him upright. “I can’t even teleport.”

Nate eyed the knife. If the demon couldn’t teleport, there was no way he’d be able to heal himself, either. Once the knife was pulled out, he’d bleed to death.

He’d healed plenty of humans with minor injuries in the past. Even a few with life-threatening wounds. But he’d never offered to help an immortal before. Because immortals didn’t need that kind of help.

“Huh.” He folded his arms and glowered at the demon, because this was unchartered territory and he had the feeling if his goddess discovered his deed, she’d be severely displeased.

Then again, he did a lot of things he suspected his goddess would disapprove of. Not that he was the only one. The trick was not being found out.

Assisting a demon bordered on blasphemy. It was dangerously tempting.

“Battling your conscience?” The demon gave a feral grin. His teeth were bloodstained. “Do me a favor. Cut out my heart. This knife hurts like fuck.”

The melodramatic comment decided him. Anyone who could joke at a time like this couldn’t be as despicable as their reputation contended. “Here’s your choice. I’ll leave now, or you pull the knife and I’ll fix the wound.”

The demon grimaced. “And be forever in your debt.”

“Yeah. Thought that went without saying.”

The demon gave a pained laugh. “Deal.”

It took longer than he’d anticipated to mend blood vessels, knit torn muscle and repair damaged nerves. By the time he had finished, the sun had set, and he and the demon were both dripping with sweat.

He exhaled a long breath and stepped back. He’d done all he could. “Might take you a while to regain your abilities.”

The demon cautiously flexed his neck before giving him an assessing look. “My name is Dagan.” He gave a mocking half-bow. “At your service.”

“Nate. Not at yours.”

Dagan’s dark eyes gleamed in the moonlight. “It appears not all archangels are the scum of the universe that I’ve been led to believe.”

“No. That distinction is reserved for demon kind.”

Dagan gave a grunt of laughter. “In a different universe, we may have been friends.”

An archangel and a demon? It was unheard of.


And a perfect way for Nate to finally get answers to all the questions that had burned through his mind for centuries.

“Are you still planning to stay on Earth?”

Dagan shrugged. “Until I’m healed, I don’t have a choice. But yes. I still plan to stay for a while.”

In that case, Nate needed to figure out a way to keep him alive. He rubbed his brow and then grinned. “How do you feel about masquerading as a demigod?”

“The thought of possessing hybrid blood from a god and mortal coupling offends my sensibilities.”

Nate snorted with laughter. Who knew demons possessed a sense of humor?

“I can’t guarantee you’d be welcome in Ama-gi as a demon. But you’ll pass unnoticed if you present as a demigod.”

“Ama-gi still thrives on this primitive planet?”

He’d forgotten Dagan would know of the magnificent civilization from the time when demons populated the Earth over a thousand years ago.

“It does.”

Dagan was silent for a few moments. “You would protect my identity, against the edicts of our mutual goddess?”

“Hey.” Nate unfurled his wings. “What are friends for?”

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