Redemption: Paranormal Angel Romance

Realm of Flame and Shadow

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Haunted by his past, the Archangel Gabriel’s a mercenary for hire and if the price is right, he’ll do anything. Anything but fall in love again.

Betrayed by humans countless centuries ago, Gabe doesn’t trust any of them. But when he saves Aurora from the despicable Guardians who want her dead, instead of instantly forgetting about her, he can’t get her out of his head.

Aurora will do anything to help her sick mother. But to find a cure, she breaches dimensions, and accidentally triggers the wrath of the terrifying Guardians. Only the quick thinking of a sexy, Alpha, stranger saves her, but the price is high. She can never go home again.

On a mission to find a missing child, Gabe can’t afford to be distracted. But Aurora’s touch is electrifying and the closer they get, the more he craves her until he forgets she is his enemy. Maybe it’s possible for an archangel to have a second chance at love, and he’s determined to make her his.

But as danger stalks them, a devastating secret threatens more than their lives. And with time running out to rescue the child, the only way to survive might be the one thing that tears them apart forever.

Redemption was previously published by Penguin US under another title and pen-name, but the current book has been completely re-imagined, rewritten, and edited.

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