Glossary of Major Gods and Goddesses

Celtic Gods & Goddesses

Annwyn: the Otherworld; source of the Universal Life Force

Arawn: lord of the Otherworld

Arianrhod: the moon goddess and weaver of fates

Belatucadros: god of war and destruction

Blodeuwedd: the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, the Morrigan. Represents new beginnings.

Camulus: warrior god, important in pre-Roman times; equated with Mars

Cerridwen: goddess of wisdom

Gwydion: greatest of the enchanters; warrior magician

Lugus: finder of paths; a hero and historian

The Morrigan: triple aspect Great Goddess; maiden, mother, crone; goddess of war and rebirth

Taranis: god of thunder and lightning

Roman Gods & Goddesses

Charon: the Ferryman; takes the dead across the river Styx

Juno: queen of the Roman gods, associated with all aspects of a woman’s life especially married life and childbirth, protector of the Roman state

Jupiter: king of the Roman gods, river, sky, lightning, thunder; symbol is the Eagle

Mars: god of war, revenge, courage

Mercury: guide on the road and in travel; influential in making money and in trade

Minerva: goddess of wisdom, learning, the arts

Morpheus: god of dreams

Venus: goddess of love and beauty

Wings of Mors: god of death