Reviews Enslaved

“Tacitus is a wonderful hero, masterful and passionate…

The author creates a world full characters that jumped of the page. I am no scholar of ancient Britain but she appears to have done a lot of research into the customs, religion and medicinal uses of various herbs etc. of the time. The erotic scenes are beautifully executed and you could really sense the growing connection between the lovers, who, despite being sworn enemies were a perfect foil for each other. I feared that I, along with my Kindle, would spontaneously combust whilst reading it!

I recommend this novel to all lovers of erotic romance, especially those who like a historical theme and a strong heroine and a leading man who is the embodiment of male sexuality and virtue. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Tainted.” 5 Stars  A Readers Review


“I enjoyed this story and the characters very much. There were even a few surprises that I didn’t see coming. Tacitus was so sweet and honorable. It is impossible to not love him. Nimue is just as honorable and is driven by not only her beliefs, but my magic itself. The way this couple learns to navigate one another and deal with the attraction that could be their very ruin was frustrating in so many ways. I can’t imagine how they must have felt.” 4 Stars Riverina Romantics


“I hungered desperately for them to come to an understanding, to bridge the divide between their cultures but I must admit for a few moments I wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen, leaving me biting my nails for quite a few pages!

If you enjoy historical romances with some steam, you are sure to to enjoy this and I would expect most romance readers to enjoy it. Although the setting is gripping and enthralling, Ms. Phillips manages not to dictate a history lesson to the reader but simply draws you in, allowing the focus to stay on the two most important people.

Definitely recommended for lovers of great writing, well fleshed out characters and hot, beautiful romance.” 5 Stars Love Books


“What an adventurous story!  Not only was there action, but also secrets and drama, hot steamy sex, forbidden love, history, mythology.  Wow!

There’s a lot more to this story than just two lovers and that makes it a powerful read.  The secrets they share along the way show the depth of character in both Nimue and Tacitus, as well as the commander.  Not everything is what it seems, but the reader isn’t kept from knowing the truth…

Ms. Phillips’ writing is wonderful.  She keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and continually brings balance between honor and love.  The sex scenes are beautiful and HOT.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Phillips!  I think she has a hit here and this should be a best seller.” 5 Stars Become Lost in Words


“…the story really focuses on the romance between Tacitus and Nimue which was erotically charged and sweet at the same time.  The period setting was also well researched and vivid. But overall, I loved the rich mythology and paranormal elements and along with the heartfelt romance with lovers who are torn and divided about their loyalties but succumb to a true love. This is a fun book that has the enemies turn to lovers trope and was an enjoyable installment in Christina Phillips paranormal historical series.” B-  The Book Pushers


“Betrayed passed all of my tests. It had action, romance and was long enough… Overall this book was fantastic!!” 4.5 Stars Reviewers Top Pick Night Owl Reviews


“Phillips presents this intriguing love story in a very unique light that is not for the faint of heart. She uses subtle switches in language and demeanour to highlight and illustrate important ideas while foreshadowing to what may come. There are lots of twists in the plot that one would never suspect or expect but that fit naturally with the flow of the story. She keeps her readers on their toes while pulling them towards a very unexpected yet extremely fitting conclusion that will warm your heart.” 4 Stars Pure Jonel



Christina certainly didn’t disappoint, especially after having to wait for so long. This book was just… wow. Amazing, the descriptions were vivid, usually I have trouble trying to keep focused on a book and get distracted. But not this time, the whole book played out like a movie in my head a very action packed, sexy, erotic movie. Everything from their first meeting to the first love scene was fluid and very rich and detailed. You could really connect with these characters and the surprises she had along the way, I’m glad we don’t have to wait another two years for book four which is going to be just as good” 5 Stars  Ben, on Goodreads

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