Foretaste of Forever Excerpt

Elyesha hooked her ankles around Ben’s waist as he strode through the castle’s crumbling entrance. For a fleeting moment, she wished it had retained its former glory, but her ancestors had allowed the magnificent stronghold to fall into ruins centuries ago.

Besides, it didn’t matter where she had Ben. So long as she had him. And soon – she would have him forever.

In the Great Hall, with its soaring arches and remnants of ancient grandeur in the carved four poster bed, he paused and she slowly slithered from his grasp. “What shall we do now?” she said, tilting her head to one side and allowing her long hair to tumble provocatively over her shoulder. She traced one finger over the hard ridge of his erection and hid a smile as Ben clenched his jaw.

“No suggestions?” She raised one eyebrow and trailed her finger over his groin and toward his chest. She didn’t know why he fought against her some nights. What did he hope to achieve? Sooner or later, she’d get her way and then he would see how foolish all his protestations had been. “Perhaps I’ll strip you naked,” she suggested, loosening the ties on his scarlet linen shirt.

He didn’t reply, except to give the merest grunt of a laugh. She tugged his open shirt from his britches and admired his perfectly sculpted chest, before sliding the shirt over his shoulders and along his finely muscled arms.

“Enjoying yourself?” There was a rasp to his voice, as if he tried to deny the rising desire between them.

She shot him an exasperated glance. “I intend to enjoy myself far more before this night’s over.” She tugged at the fastenings at his crotch, deliberately prolonging the procedure as she massaged his rigid shaft. Occasionally she found Ben’s inhuman self-control infuriating, but even that didn’t matter. Because, in the end, he always succumbed.

But sometimes, she wished for the early years. Before Ben had rebelled against their relationship. Before his misguided sense of honor had risen its unwelcome head and corroded their perfect world.

Impatiently she thrust the thought aside. She admired his honor, but had no intention of destroying what they had at its altar.

“So long as you’re enjoying yourself.” Ben’s sardonic comment penetrated her thoughts, and wet heat flared deep in her pussy at the look on his face. He was no longer rigid with self-control but lust, and his eyes glowed with rising desire. “I exist for your amusement, Elyesha.”

She ripped the last fastening free and dragged his pants down his muscled legs. “Never forget that.” Her voice was uneven, her heart hammering against her breast. How could he do this to her, after so many years? She had only to think of him to want him, had only to see him to desire him. And when he teased her, she knew in her heart she would willingly die for him.

If she was only given the chance.

He hauled her to her feet. “And now it’s your turn to entertain me.” There was no hint of reluctance in his eyes now. Only love. For her. She wrapped the knowledge around her heart and knew it wouldn’t be long before Ben made the final commitment to her.

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