The Druid Chronicles: Captive – Reviews

“Phillips’ second in the Forbidden series is just as hot as its predecessor. Readers will be held Captive by the magic between Druid priestess Morwyn and Bren. More than the passion between them, however, are the misunderstandings and half- truths that also blossom. Readers will be intrigued as the layers of the story unfold.” Pat Cooper, Romantic Times BOOK Review, 4 Stars. Full Review can be read here

“Primal and sexy, I love this series.

“Bren(‘s)… reputation is black and unsavory, but the author gives him a vulnerability and humanity that proves how worthy he actually is. It was fun to read how this sober and serious Bren lightens up under Morwyn’s sensuous attack… When Bren reveals what drives him, I really felt for him. But the best sections are their interactions as they flirt with each other and slowly learn to respect and care for each other…

“Sensual and vibrant, this historical romance is emotional and sexy. I could not put it down and this may be my favorite new time period in historical romance. I can’t wait for the author to write more!” Steph, Bookaholics Romance Book Club, 41/2 Stars. Full Review can be read here  

“Christina Phillips weaves an fascinating tale with an intricate setting and powerful characters, intertwining the deep emotional turmoil of guilt, hatred and searing passions in her latest erotic historical romance, CAPTIVE. I loved finding a historical romance that took place somewhere other than England’s ballrooms. I’ve been craving a different setting and Ms. Phillips definitely satisfied that want, with her rich details of the Roman invasion of Britain.” Aemelia, Night Owl Reviews, 41/2 Stars Top Pick. Full Review can be read here

“Who can resist the appeal of a tortured hero? I certainly can’t…

Take Bren, the hero from Christina Phillips’ book, CAPTIVE…

With only his skills at deception and subterfuge, killing in the name of his king…  he doesn’t see himself as worth anything or having anything to offer a woman who might love him.

Irredeemable? Maybe. Tortured? Hell, yes. Irresistable. Oh, yeah…”  Kylie Griffin, National Bestselling Author of  The Light Blade series, Berkley Sensation. Full review here

“Captive is a very fast paced story of love and betrayal, of passions and desires and how secrets can destroy everything is its path.  Bren and Morwyn are so real that the reader can feel their passion and their pain.  We want them both to reveal their secrets in the hopes of ending this pain but it is not always the case.  Ms. Phillips has a lot of twists and turns in her story which adds even more to the desire to keep reading until we reach the last page.” Book Monster Reviews 4 Stars. Full Review can be read here

“Though the author takes a lot of artistic liberty with Druids and their worship (I know nothing of the history of Roman invasion, so I won’t comment), Christina Phillips’ Captive is captivating and enticingly well-written.
…it is our hero to whom readers will relate.  Bren has had a hellish time impersonating a dead Roman officer, and the events that led up to him taking on the role were awful too.

Don’t read this if you don’t like sex scenes.  It’s erotica for a reason, … with very real characters, and it is clear that in Captive Christina Phillips is trying to address something besides her two main characters’ physical attraction to one another.”  Sarrah Knight, The Romance Reader, 4 Stars. Full Review can be read here

“While I’ve seen an upswing in Roman set historical romance novels, CAPTIVE is one of the best, unique, and eye-grabbing that I’ve come across. Ms. Phillips has a great voice and puts her characters in interesting situations that I’m always curious to see how she’s going to manage to get them out of. Even if you are not a fan of Romans, Druids, and ancient Briton, I think you’ll find CAPTIVE a solid read.”

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