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“OMG! If you thought that Christina Phillips’ Romans and Celts were hot in her Forbidden series, then check out her passionate Picts and sexy Scots in her Highland Warrior Chronicles. The author once again combines a spellbinding historical romance with a superb erotic read, which will keep you panting for more. She writes in a way that transports you to the time period and creates truly memorable heroes and heroines.

“Christina Phillips has a real skill for penning addictive storylines and creating credible and memorable characters.

“I was also fascinated by the different cultures of the Picts and Scots. If like me you adored the author’s last historical erotic romance series, Forbidden, then you will also love Her Savage Scot. I also recommend it to readers who like their historical romances to sizzle with erotic love making scenes, alpha males, strong heroines and have a strong page turning plot and romance.” 5 Stars A Readers Review


“Phillips is off and running with this daring, romantic & erotic tale. It’s very well written with a solid storyline. As always Phillips brings her story to life with brilliantly vivid descriptions and a storyline to die for. Her intricate descriptions are packed with allusion and metaphors that really bring this story to life. Myth and reality combine in this unforgettable tale to create a captivating whole. Not only does Phillips tell a lovely story, but she also doesn’t hesitate to throw more than a few kinks into this story. More than once she had me completely shocked with the turn that the story took, however it always fit within the story. There was a bit of a comedy of errors going on for a while that turned into a sweet, perfect ending. She also stays completely in the realm of history while telling a love story that transcends time.”  5 Stars Pure Jonel


“Her Savage Scot is the first book I have read by Christina Phillips and certainly will not be the last.  With powerfully written characters that the reader cannot help but fall in  love with, this historical erotic romance is one that will keep you turning the pages right to the end.”  4 Stars You Gotta Read Reviews


“I found myself drawn to the sexy and gentle warrior, Conner. He was tough enough to fight and save those who needed it, yet gentle enough to win over Aila…
Aila’s story broke my heart. I wanted her to find love, happiness, but it just didn’t seem she would ever get it…
I was drawn into the intrigue of the Scots versus the Picts. This was a new time period for me… I will definitely be reading more on this series and from this author!” 4 Stars. My Secret Romance


“From the start, this story was an emotional rollercoaster… The plot was intriguing and I loved the theme of forbidden love because the author captured it so well…  The dialogue was great and I loved the growing relationship between Connor and Alia, even when it all went pear-shaped when he discovered who she really was… The sex scenes were hot and revealed how good Connor was for Alia and how he restored her faith in love, which she had lost since the death of her husband. What I liked so much about Alia was that she was determined to do anything to keep her people safe. While with Connor, I liked how persistent he was with Alia because it made her feel special again.

“Overall, Ms. Phillips has done an excellent job penning this tale and I can’t to read more of this series in the future, if there are to be any more books after this one.”  4 Hearts  TRS









4 Stars  Salacious Reads











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